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 We have made a summary of the best ski resorts in Middle East and the western part of Asia, if some of our information is outdated or you have a cool picture we can upload please send it to us. As some of the destinations are to be considered to be in a high risk zone it is advisable to check with the embassy and insurance company before your travel. 

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Uttaranchal has seen a constant rise in the number of tourists to the state, mainly because of the opportunity it offers for various adventure sports, such as white river rafting, trekking, hang-gliding and skiing. Auli in Uttaranchal is one of the major tourist destinations, famous for its beautiful slopes covered with oak and coniferous trees. It is every skier's dream come true, which is why Adventure Tours of India offers adventure tour booking and adventure tour packages to Auli, in Uttaranchal. Auli is the ideal place for skiing. One can ski on the clean stretches of 10-20 km of snow-covered mountain slopes. Since there are also woods on the slopes, they help reduce the wind velocity, making it better for the skiers. It is a heaven for those who really enjoy this sport. Most of the days, Auli sees war sun in winters so the skiers can make the most of it. There is truly nothing better then to ski down a clear stretch and feel the wind brush against your cheek. That exhilarating feeling is hard to describe and it is exactly what attracts tourists to Auli. Auli is linked to Joshimath with a 3.9 km long cable car. By Motor able road, the distance is about 16 kms. There is another option, that of a 500 meter long chair lift, which links the lower and upper slopes. Ski equipment and snow beaters can be rented. The tourists to Auli can contact the GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) for information on ski packages, lodging, equipment and skiing lessons.
For those who are in Auli for skiing, evenings do not have to be dull and boring. The tourists can relax at Bukhari warmed huts and resorts. They can listen to folk tales or enjoy the local Garhwali music, by the campfire.
Tourists to Auli can enjoy shopping there. One can buy blankets, shawls, woolen caps, and many gift items.


Auli-Getting There & Accommodation

The closest airport for Auli is at Dehradun, the capital of Uttaranchal. The airport is at a distance of 298 kms. The nearest railhead is at Rishikesh, about 235 kms from Auli. Frequent buses run for Auli from Dehradun, Rishikesh, Hardwar and Delhi, so road is a good option too. From Joshimath, one can also get to Auli by hired jeeps. For accommodation, comfortable hotels and tourist guest-houses are aplenty in Joshimath, which is 26 kms away from Auli. Most of tehm are quite reasonably priced so you do not need worry too much about finding the suitable accommodation.


Auli-Things to keep in mind

One thing to keep in mind before you take as tour to Auli, is that to ensure that you pack up enough warm clothes. Auli is quite cold so excellent winter wear is a must. You can also keep a first-aid kit since it's a good idea to always carry one on holidays, regardless of the destination. Other things to bring along are a torch/flashlight, good pair of snow boots and dark glasses to protect the eyes. Also pack a couple of extra batteries and a few candles, since the region faces a lot of power cuts.

Pistes: - Summit: 3049 m Toplift: 3049 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 529 m X-Country: 20 km Lifts: 3 (1 cable car, 1 chair lift, 1 surface lift) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 1 Slopeside accom. : - Restaurants: 2 Bars: - Nearest Airport: Dehradun.
More Information about Auli click: Dubai Ski Club/Auli
Accommodations: Hotel booking/India



Gulmarg means "the meadow of flowers' and truly the state is blessed by Mother Nature. Though, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, it also offers many opportunities to adventure seekers. Consider spending your next holidays at Gulmarg, and enjoy skiing, on its high slopes and trekking through its green hills.
Gulmarg is located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir and stands at a height of 2,730 meters above sea level. It is about 57 kms from Srinagar, the capital city. Gulmarg-Tourist Places in and around Gulmarg

There are many places one can visit while on a tour to Gulmarg. You can go to Khilanmarg by pony, which is a famous skiing spot. It also offers a great view of the Kashmir valley and the Himalayan range.

You can also take a tour to the Alpather Lake, which is a beautiful lake that usually remains frozen till June. The Alpather Lake lies across the Apharwat peak.
You may also pay a visit to the shrine of Baba Reshi, a Muslim mystic saint, while you are on a tour of Gulmarg. Gulmarg-Things to do

Gulamrg is the perfect skiing destination for many adventure seekers. One can hire all the equipment needed, such as skis and sticks, snow boots, mufflers, woolen socks, jackets, goggles, etc here. One can take skiing lessons from ski instructors too.
The time to enjoy skiing in Gulmarg is between November to February. The slopes in Gulmarg vary from 8,700 ft to 10,500 ft.
Though not exactly an adventure sport, Golf is enjoyed as a relaxing activity by many. Gulmarg has the world's highest golf course. Visitors can enjoy golf by obtaining a short-term membership at the Golf Club.
Gulmarg is also the place for enjoying long walks. One can walk through woods, and green hills. You can also check out Nanga Parbat and Haramukh. Gulmarg-Getting There & Accommodation

The closest airport is at Srinagar, 57 kms from Gulmarg. There are regular flights from this airport to all the major cities in the country.
The nearest railway station is at Jammu.
Visitors to Gulmarg need not worry too much about accommodation. There are many hotels and lodges for the tourists. There are hotels available for every kind of budget.
If you are going in the peak season, then it is advisable that you book accommodation prior to your visit to Gulmarg. One can also check out hotels run by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation, which offers reasonably priced accommodation.

While you are in Gulmarg, you can enjoy both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian cuisine. If you eat non -vegetarian, then do try a traditional dish, called Rogan Josh. Gulmarg-Things to keep in mind

Though Gulmarg is more or less safe for tourists, it is advisable that you update yourself with the current law and order situation in the area, before you visit Gulmarg. Gulmarg is very cold, so make sure you carry warm clothes with you, while you tour Gulmarg.

Pistes: - Summit: 4000 m Toplift: 4000 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 1350 m X-Country: - Lifts: 6 (1 chair lift, 5 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 1 Slopeside accom. : - Restaurants: - Bars: - Nearest Airport: Kashmir Lift pass: Cost of a full gondola day pass is 1500 INR; Day pass for Stage 1 (lower gondola) adult 500 INR; Day pass for Stage 2 (upper gondola) adult 1000 INR
More information about Gulmarg: Dubai Ski Club/Ski Himalaya Accommodations: Hotel Booking/India





Ab Ali

Ab Ali was the first resort in Iran to install lifts (1332 or 1953). Located 75km east of Tehran, the resort is notably different to other Iranian resorts on account of the non-skiing interests. These are the thermal springs and the Imam-Zade Hashem Holy Shrine. Skiing is from late December to mid-March.

Pistes: - Summit: 2649 m Toplift: 2649 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 250 m X-Country: - Lifts: 9 (8 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 1 Slopeside accom. : - Restaurants: 6 Bars: - Nearest Airport: - Nearest Train : - Info phone : +9821276701 |
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Dizin is the largest ski resort in Iran and is located 123km by road north of Tehran in the Gajereh region. It offers a long season (late November until late May) of high altitude cruising above the tree-line (at 2700m, the base is higher than the summit of most Alpine resorts) and is an important grass-ski centre in summer. Hotels and other sporting facilities are at the resort.

Pistes: 23 Summit: 3599 m Toplift: 3599 m Beg: 50% Int: 40% Adv: 10% Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 950 m X-Country: - Lifts: 13 (2 chair lifts and 8 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 3 Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 5 Bars: - Nearest Airport: Tehran.



Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and came into operation in 1958. The slopes lay at an altitude of 2550m to 3050m above sea level. The resort includes two main slopes each with a chair lift that apex at the top. There are several lifts. There are, also, lighting facilities for night skiing. Shemshak caters for more advanced skiers, while larger Dizin (71km away, by road) is best for beginners and intermediates. The slopes are quite steep and many of the runs are mogul runs.

Pistes: 8 Summit: 3049 m Toplift: 3049 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 500 m X-Country: - Lifts: 7 (2 chair lifts, 5 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : - Restaurants: 4 Acres of ski: - Bars: - Nearest Airport: Tehran Nearest Train: - Info phone : +9821276701



Tochal ski resort can be reached via a four-mile journey by cable car that leaves from the northern suburbs of Tehran (from Velenjak avenue, 10km from the city). It is one of the longest and cheapest cable cars in the world. At 3963m, Tochal ski resort is the fifth highest resort in the world, ensuring a long season from December to at least April and sometimes June. At the summit of the cable car there are four ski lifts, two of which stop just short of the summit at 12,800 feet, from where there are magnificent views ad Mt Dammavand.

Trails (Pistes): 4 Summit: 3901 m Toplift: 3901 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 2130 m X-Country: - Lifts: 5 (1 cable car, 2 chair lifts, 2 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 1 Slopeside accom. : - Restaurants: 2 Bars: - Nearest Airport: Tehran
More Information about Tochal click: Dubai Ski Club/Tochal
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People always desired to be closer to the sky. The nature in Chimbulak is unique and the direct flows of cosmic energy attract people to feel them and communicate with themselves.
Chimbulak chine is situated within the heights 1600 – 3160 meters. This region is marked by the ancient activity of the glaciers that had been tied with peaks of Shkolnik and Chimbulak as well as Talgar mountain pass. The glaciers have been melted for a long time ago but they left a wide valley.
Favorable natural conditions attract tourists, mountaineers and alpinists because of the fine pistes. In the beginning of 50s, they organized natural landmark for alpinists called by the same Kazakh word "Chimbulak" that translates as «transparent spring-well». At the height of 2300 m a winter sports base "Chimbulak" is situated and it is an important training center for sportsmen-skiers. The winter sports base "Chimbulak" has been working since 1954. Since 50-s, All-Union sports competitions have taken place in Chimbulak.
Today this base is a health resort of the world’s level. There is a hotel "Chimbulak" for 114 places, cafes, summer cafes, cable-railway and bowling club at the Chimbulak.
In comparing with the best pistes in Europe, this one is not worse, but even better in some features. A lot of people of the world came to Chimbulak every winter. But in summer citizens and guests of the South Capital have pleasant rest in the slopes of Chimbulak. Leaving Almaty, they take a good memory about this high-mountain sports resort.

Pistes: 8 Summit: 3163 m Toplift: 3163 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 943 m X-Country: - Lifts: 5 (4 chair lifts, 1 surface lift) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 3 Acres of ski: 99 Bars: 1 Nearest Airport: Almaty More Information about Chimbulak click: Dubai Ski Club/Chimbulak







Cedars are located about 2hrs drive north of Beirut. It is slightly higher than Faraya, with a slightly longer ski season as a result. In fact the season here is surprisingly long. It can begin in November and usually ends in late April. Cedars have changed a lot since the government installed the first lift in 1953. At a cost of $15,000,000, the latest improvements are the replacement of 3 old Tbars with new chair lifts and a new gondola for 2006 that will soon carry skiers from the base area up to 2870m. New roads and a new hotel at the base area are planned too. The skiing area is respectable; perfect for learners, but with enough steep off-piste to challenge better skiers. The après-ski is worthwhile too, and there is plenty to see besides the famous ancient Cedars forest, with fascinating old buildings in the nearby Kadisha Valley. Bcharreh, a neighboring village of the Cedars, is the birthplace and resting place of Gibran Khalil Gibran, Lebanon's most famous poet, artist and novelist. The Cedars ski slopes normally operate from 8:00 am till 3:30 pm during weekdays and 4:00 pm during weekends and holidays.

Pistes: - Summit: 2869 m Toplift: 2869 m Beg: 33% Int: 33% Adv: 33% Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 775 m X-Country: 10km Lifts: 7 (3 chair lifts, 3 surface lifts and 1 gondola) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: 1 Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: - Bars: - Nearest Airport: Beirut.
More Information about Cedars click: Dubai Ski Club/Cedars



Faraya Mzaar Kfardebian resort has 42 slopes and 80 kilometers of ski tracks. The skiing season in Lebanon is similar in length to that of the Alps stretching over a period of 4 months. Skiers, snowboarders, snowmobile addicts, cross-country lovers and paragliders come to the resort from all parts of the country. Starting at 1850m, you may reach the 2465m top of Mzaar and enjoy the breathtaking view over the coluorful Bekaa valley, Mount Hermon of the Anti-Lebanon and other peaks like Laqlouq and the Cedars. Coastal towns and, even Beirut, the capital might be seen on a clear day. Those who want a break from skiing might visit the stunning 30 meter natural bridge of Kfardebian formed by wind and water erosion, and also ruins of a Phoenician temple and a Roman tower.

Pistes: 15 Summit: 2463 m Toplift: 2463 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 733 m X-Country: - Lifts: 14 (9 chair lifts, 5 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 9 Bars: 9 Nearest Airport: Beirut.
More Information about Faraya click: Dubai Ski Club/Faraya



Laqlouq is a winter and summer resort, situated on a plateau at an altitude between 1750m and 2000m. It is encircled by jagged ridges and terraces bearing thousands of trees. In addition to alpine skiing, it is also one of the best resorts suited for cross-country skiing. Mostly visited by families, Laqlouq had its first ski lift installed in 1958, followed by major enhancements to the slopes and the creation of a (very) qualified ski school. Unlike other resorts, the area surrounding the slopes is nearly free of buildings and construction.

Pistes: 9 Summit: 1914 m Toplift: 1914 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 274 m X-Country: - Lifts: 9 (4 chair lifts, 9 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 8 Acres of ski: - Bars: 2 Nearest Airport: Beirut. More Information about Laqloug click: Dubai Ski Club/Laqloug





Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba (314 km from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif) is the largest ski resort in Pakistan and owes its existence to a suggestion by the Austrian ambassador, in 1962. The location, high in the Hindu Kush, surrounded by the Karakorams, north east of Saidu Sharif, is spectacular. High altitude and Malam Jabba 2-3m of winter snow make it fairly snow-sure and besides the skiing there are many hiking options too. The small intermediate ski area is serviced by 4 lifts and a single large hotel (the elegant 35 room PTDC hotel).

Pistes: - Summit: 2652 m Toplift: 2652 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 200 m X-Country: - Lifts: 4 (2 chair lifts, 2 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: - Bars: - Nearest Airport: Saidu Sharif. More Information about Malam Jabba click: Dubai Ski Club/Malam Jabba





A small ski resort located off the Istanbul - Ankara highway, 50 km from Bolu, in the Koroglu Mountains. Much quieter and cheaper during the week because of weekend coaches from Istanbul and Ankara.

Pistes: 14 Summit: 2255 m Toplift: 2255 m Beg: 40% Int: 40% Adv: 20% Terrain Parks: 1 Vertical Drop: 1210 m X-Country: - Lifts: 10 (3 chair lifts, 7 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 4 Bars: 2 Nearest Airport: Ankara Nearest Train: Ankara. More Information about Kartalkaya click: Tourist Office Website Accommodations: Hotel Booking/Turkey



A new resort in Turkey for the 2005/2006 season, located between Izmit and Adapazari (approx 100 km from South–East of Istanbul), in the area of high and snowy mountains that lies closest to the capital. Chairlifts provide uplift to 12 tree-lined runs that mainly suit beginners and intermediates. A ski school is in operation.

Pistes: 12 Halfpipes: 1 Summit: 1699 m Toplift: 1699 m Beg: 40% Int: 45% Adv: 15% Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 400 m X-Country: - Lifts: 4 (3 Char lifts, 1 T bar) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : N Restaurants: 5 Acres of ski: 40 Bars: 4 Nearest Airport: Istanbul Nearest Train: Derbent or Sapanc.
More Information about Kartepe click: | Tourist Office Website Accommodations: Hotel Booking/Turkey


Mount Erciyes

The ski centre is located on the side of the awesome Erciyes Mountain, a 3917m high volcanic peak in Cappadocia. The extensive skiing takes place between 2200m and 3100m, making this a high-altitude and snow guaranteed destination with open skiing above the tree-line. It is, also, a summer ski area. There are rapid developments and extensions taking place.
Pistes: 16 Halfpipes: 1 Summit: 2774 m Toplift: 2774 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: 2 Vertical Drop: 559 m X-Country: 20km Lifts: 5 (2 chair lifts, 3 surface lifts) Snowmaking: - Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 1 Bars: 1 Nearest Airport: Kayseri Nearest Train: Kayseri. More Information about Mt Erciyes click: Tourist Office Website Accommodations: Hotel Booking/Turkey



Uludag is the fabled Mount Olympus of Mysia. It is known in mythology as the place where the gods watched the Trojan war. It is a western extension of the Pontic mountain ranges. Its name means 'Big mountain' - the highest mountain in Western Anatolia, culminating at Kara Tepe (2543m). The ski centre, in the Uludag National Park, is 36km south of Bursa (a city of 600,000 people) accessible, either along a sealed road, or else by a combined cable-car/bus route that may be preferable when the road is icy. The skiing is mostly intermediate on lightly forested slopes that are usually open from December until late March. Heli-skiing is also available and there are vast off-piste bowls to explore, albeit a threat to conservation within the national park. There are 27 hotels, 15 of which are privately owned, providing over 3000 beds at present. Further development is underway.

Pistes: 13 Halfpipes: - Summit: 2322 m Toplift: 2322 m Beg: - Int: - Adv: - Terrain Parks: - Vertical Drop: 555 m X-Country: 20 km Lifts: 15 (8 chair lifts, 7 surface lifts) Snowmaking: Soon Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom. : Y Restaurants: 14 Bars: - Nearest Airport: Istanbul. Nearest Train: Istanbul.
More Information about Uludag click: Tourist Office Website Accommodations: Hotel Booking/Turkey





Dubai today is flashy, fun and slightly surreal. Renowned for its sand, sun and shopping, it was once a tranquil town of coral-and-gypsum courtyard houses built by Persian traders and palm-frond huts housing Bedouin fisherman and pearl divers. Today shiny new skyscrapers reflect the mosques and wind towers of Old Dubai.

The best time of the year to visit Dubai is between November and April, when the weather is coolest. The rest of the year you're more likely to be running from one air-conditioned environment to the next instead of getting out and exploring. Ramadan, which takes place at a different time each year on the Western calendar, is the Muslim month of fasting and is strictly adhered to throughout the UAE. That means that it's illegal, not to mention rude, to eat, drink or smoke in public from sunrise to sunset at this time. On the 'up' side, hotel rates drop to 50% of their usual cost.

Take a desert tour and speed up in a 4WD to a peak of the sand dunes and then simply slide down them. At the desert camp, camel rides, henna tattoes, traditional dinner, a belly-dancer, Arabic coffee, dates, and apple sheesha await. Visit the Madinat complex that contains private villas and pools, a souk, and a water channel system whereby guests hop on and off water taxis to get around the complex. A must is Burj Al Arab the world's only 7 star hotel. You can see the hotel from Madinat. Access to the hotel is only granted to guests or those seeking lunch, dinner, or high tea. The Gold Souk and Spice Souk is also must. Finally skiing or Snowboarding has also become a cool option in Dubai.

Pistes: 5 Longest run 400 m Beg: 50% Int: 30% Adv: 20% Terrain Parks: yes (snow park) Vertical Drop: 60 m X-Country: - Lifts: 3 (1 chair lifts and 2 surface lifts) Snowmaking: yes Gondolas / Cable Cars: - Slopeside accom: Yes Restaurants: yes Bars: - Nearest Airport: Dubai.
Accommodations: Hotel Booking/Dubai